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What our customers are saying

"I loved working with CG to create a stunning wall of coconuts for a recent hens do. They responded to my theme with detailed creative proposal, were friendly and professional, the wall looked stunning and the coconuts were absolutely delicious!"

Mary.Q - Auckland

What our customers are saying

"I recently got the Coconut Girls to serve up delicious dessert nuts at a big Auckland festival. They were an absolutely hit in the hot sun, keeping our party-goers hydrated all day! Not only that, my event received lots of shares on social media due to the custom coconut branding."

Tom.R - Matakana

What our customers are saying

"We gifted all of our friends SOS coconuts after a big party at our place the night before. They loved the thought, and we liked that it helped them recover the next day"

Ben.M - Northcote